Sociedad Italiana de Tiro al Segno

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Sociedad Italiana (SITAS)
Sitas logo.png
Full name Sociedad Italiana de Tiro al Segno
Location El Palomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Founded 14 May 1895; 121 years ago (1895-05-14) [1]
Club colors               
Activities Artistic gymnastics, Athletics, Basque pelota, Basketball, Bowls, Bowling, Cestoball, Field hockey, Football, Judo, Paddle tennis, Roller skating, Rugby union Target shooting, Show jumping, Swimming, Taekwondo.[2]
Chairman Juan José Follati

Sociedad Italiana de Tiro al Segno (in English: Italian Target Shooting Society), mostly known for its acronym SITAS, is an Argentine sports club located in El Palomar, Buenos Aires. A wide range of sports are practised at the club, such as artistic gymnastics, athletics, basque pelota, basketball, bowls, bowling, cestoball, field hockey, football, judo, paddle tennis, roller skating, rugby union target shooting, show jumping, swimming and taekwondo.[2]

The senior rugby union team currently plays in the Torneo de la URBA Grupo II, the second division of the Unión de Rugby de Buenos Aires league system.

Apart from sports, SITAS also hosts other activities such as the teaching of English, French, Choir and Yoga. The club also has a library and a gym.


The club was founded by a group of Italian immigrants who were enthusiasts about target shooting. On September 20, 1895, the institution opened its first shooting range in Villa Devoto with the celebration of a shooting contest. Then-President of Argentina Marcelo T. De Alvear and some of his ministers attended to the act.

After the closure of the range in 1926, SITAS acquired a land to Ramos Mejía family, where on December 4, 1938, the club opened its sports facilities. Since then, SITAS has added many activities becoming a multi-sports club.[3]


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