Sociedade Esportiva Matsubara

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Full name Sociedade Esportiva Matsubara
Founded December 18, 1974; 41 years ago (1974-12-18)
Ground Regional de Cambará
Ground Capacity 15,000 (Regional de Cambará)
45,000 (Café)
Chairman Sueo Matsubara
Website Club home page

Sociedade Esportiva Matsubara (S. E. Matsubara), usually known simply as Matsubara, is a Brazilian football (soccer) club based in Cambará, in the state of Paraná.


It was founded on December 18, 1974 by the Japanese Brazilian Sueo Matsubara to replace the local club Cambaraense, runner-up of the 1953 Paranaense championship.[1]

In 1976, Matsubara was Campeonato Paranaense runner-up.[2]

In 1992, Matsubara finished in Campeonato Brasileiro Série C's third position. The club was eliminated in the Group B final (which is the stage immediately before the competition final) by Fluminense de Feira.[3]

In 1995, the club transferred to Londrina, returning to Cambará soon after.[1]



Main article: Estádio do Café

Matsubara plays its home matches at Regional de Cambará,[2] which has a maximum capacity of 15,000 people, and is owned by the Torcida Organizada Matsubara, which are an ultra group supporting the club.[4]

The club also plays at Café Stadium, which has a maximum capacity of approximately 45,000 people and is located in Londrina city.[5]

Matsubara owns a training ground called Vila Olímpica (Olympic Village).[5]

Youth squad[edit]

The club has worked hard to train its younger members, and has produced many professional athletes. Players produced by the club are usually negotiated with Brazilian clubs, and clubs from other countries, like China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, Switzerland, United States of America, Uruguay and Vietnam.[6]


The club's mascot is called Japonesinho, which is the Portuguese for Little Japanese.[1]


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