Sociedade Esportiva Tiradentes

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Sociedade esportiva tiradentes logo.jpg
Full name Sociedade Esportiva Tiradentes
Founded June 30, 1959
Ground Lindolfinho
Ground Capacity 8,000
League -

Sociedade Esportiva Tiradentes, commonly known as Tiradentes, are a Brazilian football team from Teresina.[1] They won the Campeonato Piauiense five times and competed in the Série A five times. The women's team competed twice in the Copa do Brasil de Futebol Feminino.


Men's team[edit]

They were founded on June 30, 1959.[2] Tiradentes won the Campeonato Piauiense for the first time in 1972.[2] They competed in the Série A in 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979 and in 1983.[1] The club suffered Série A's largest goal margin in 1983, when Corinthians beat them 10–1.[2]

Women's team[edit]

The club reached the second stage of the Copa do Brasil de Futebol Feminino in 2007, when they finished in Group 2's third place.[3] Tiradentes reached the second stage in 2008, when they were eliminated by Sport.[3]


They play their home games at the Lindolfinho stadium.[1] The stadium has a maximum capacity of 8,000 people.[1]


(1) The 1975 title was shared with River Atlético Clube.[4]


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