Sociedade Esportiva do Gama

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Sociedade Esportiva do Gama.png
Full name Sociedade Esportiva do Gama
Nickname(s) Verdão (Big Green)
Periquito Verde (Green Parakeet)
Alviverde do Centro-Oeste (Central West Alviverde)
Founded November 15, 1975 (41 years ago) (1975-11-15)
Stadium Bezerrão
Ground Capacity 20,310
President Weber Magalhães
Head coach Glauber Ramos
League Campeonato Brasiliense
2016 4th
Website Club home page

Sociedade Esportiva do Gama, or Gama, as they are usually called, is a Brazilian football team from Gama in Federal District (Brazil), founded on November 15, 1975.


Until the early 1970s, the city of Gama was known only to its amateur teams. This movement has grown more and more the city's desire to have its first professional football club. Founded in 1975 by Mr. Hermínio Ferreira Neves, the Sociedade Esporte do Gama was the first professional team in the city. The founder was president of the amateur team Minas Atlético Clube.

Formed initially with players of the most diverse amateur teams of the city, Gama soon gained the sympathy of the local population. February 21, 1976 will be marked as the day of his first professional game, valid for the Press Tournament. With the support of Mr. Valmir Campelo de Bezerra, regional administrator of the city of Gama and a great admirer of local football, the Gama Administration Stadium was rebuilt and reopened on October 9, 1977.

Faced with the support of the authorities and the enthusiasm of the local people, the Sociedade Esporte do Gama began to shine in its early years. In 1977 and 1978, Gama won the bicampeonato of the Tournament Press and its supporter was the one of greater frequency in the stages of the Federal District. Four years after its founding in 1979, the team won its first state title by winning Brasília.

With only six years of foundation, in 1981, the club arrived at its first regional title. The team won the Torneio Centro-Oeste by beating Goiânia 2-1 in the aggregate. In 1998, the club won its greatest title to date when winning the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B.


On November 15, 1975, the day of its founding, the Sociedade Esportiva do Gama adopted as its first coat the coat of arms of the Federal District with the letters SEG. The symbol was a pillar of the Alvorada Palace. Intuitively, Mr. Hermínio Ferreira Neves, introduced the symbol in the Palmeiras uniform. Curiously, the early players called the DEFER symbol (the former Department of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation), because that body eventually contributed some material to the teams of the Capital.

With several projects in the curriculum, including the Bezerrão Stadium and the city's permanent Fair, architect Alberto Farah, an employee of the Gamma Regional Administration, sought inspiration to create the club's new emblem. And in 1978, with reference to the World Cup logo that year, the architect creates the club's new coat of arms. At the end of the project, the arms were excluded and the ball in the center was similar to a beehive, referring to the planning of the sectors of the city.

In 1999, on a trip where the team would perform a match for the first division of Campeonato Brasileiro, the club's then President Wagner Marques was approached by a local journalist who asked him why he did not change the letters SEG by the name GAMA, Since press professionals from other states had difficulty knowing the meaning of those three letters. The idea was accepted. The spelling was adopted and the star by the conquest of Campeonato Brasileiro Série B in 1998 became part of the emblem. Advised by numerologists, in 2001, Wagner Marques added one more M to the name of the team getting GAMMA, however, with the negative repercussion caused by the change with the fans, the manager decided to leave the spelling with only M.


Gama biggest rival is Brasiliense.


Gama's stadium is Estádio Walmir Campelo Bezerra (Bezerrão), which has a maximum capacity of 20,310 people. The stadium is named after Antônio Walmir Campelo Bezerra, who was the regional administrator of Gama during the stadium construction.


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