Società a responsabilità limitata

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Società a responsabilità limitata (S.r.l. or srl) is a kind of legal corporate entity in Italy, which literally means (but is not entirely equal to) limited liability company. It has a similar form to società sportiva dilettantistica a responsabilità limitata (S.s.d a r.l.) for amateur sports-related companies and their corresponding regulations: article 90 of the Italian Law No.289 of 2002.[1]

Differing from società per azioni (S.p.A.), S.r.l. may not issue shares that have par value, but only the quota (Italian: quote) or units of the share capital. Moreover, the articles of association of S.r.l. allowed different allocations of profits and assets, which was more comparable to a limited partnership.[2] A fourth form of corporate entity, società cooperativa a responsabilità limitata (S.c.r.l. or S.c. a r.l.), was seen in the cooperatives of Italy.


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