Society for Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt

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Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt
Society for Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE) logo.gif
Founded 2001
Founder Amina Tharwat Abaza
Type Nonprofit organization
Focus Animal welfare
Slogan ' We don't have a heart for humans and a heart for animals. We have one heart or none at all. '

Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt, or S.P.A.R.E., is a non-profit animal welfare organization founded by Amina Abaza in 2001. It is the first animal welfare organization in Egypt to address the situation of all animals, including dogs, cats, and donkeys. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]


S.P.A.R.E.'s greatest goal and challenge is to eliminate the cruel mentality which allows people to abuse animals. By raising public awareness about animal welfare in Egypt, SPARE works continuously to convince Egyptians that compassion towards animals is not a luxury, it's a must.

In addition to providing kennels, clinics, and spay and neuter operations, SPARE acts as an animal advocacy organization. It has undertaken causes such as improving conditions at the Cairo zoo, fighting the growth of "private zoos" in Egypt, and improving government standards relating to Egyptian slaughterhouses.[10]

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