Society of Business Practitioners

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Society of Business Practitioners
Professional Membership / Examination board / Limited By Guarantee
Industry Higher Education
Founded 1956
Headquarters Cheshire, England

The Society of Business Practitioners (SBP) UK, founded in 1956,[1] is a senior examining UK institution providing vocational qualifications in business, computer studies, management and marketing.[2] The Society's Diploma awards attract recognized credits and exemptions from other institutes and educational establishments from the UK, the US and Australia. The Society also has a collaborative credit recognition arrangement with the New Zealand College of Business.[3][4]

All courses are set, moderated and examined at the undergraduate level. The Society's courses are listed in the UK Learning and Skills Council's (now Skills Funding Agency) Learning Aim Database.[5]

The Society's highest awards leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration or the Graduate Diploma in Business and Management, are essentially a British professional qualification. However, in academic terms it may be comparable to a bachelor's degree standard.[6] They lead to a professional designation title of Certified Professional Manager - CPM.[7][8]

In line with the constant review and update of syllabus content of courses, specialist courses had been developed. These include individualized training programs via the Continuing Professional Development - CPD units specially tailored for the corporate industries. A three-stage information technology course was introduced in 2005. An advanced diploma in accounting program (ADA) examined at the accounting technician level was launched in 2007.[9]

The Society professional membership structure has been revised, to introduce an examinable, work based senior awards assessment program leading to qualifications pegged at the British NQF, National Qualifications Framework levels 4 through 7.[10]

The Society is a member of the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education ( NIACE).[11]

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