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The Society of Christian Philosophers was founded in 1978.[1] Past Presidents include William Alston, Robert Merrihew Adams, Alvin Plantinga, Marilyn McCord Adams, George I. Mavrodes, Peter van Inwagen, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Eleonore Stump, C. Stephen Evans, Robert Audi, and Linda Zagzebski. Michael C. Rea of the University of Notre Dame is currently President of SCP, Christina van Dyke of Calvin College is Executive Director, and David Billings of Calvin College is Treasurer.

The Society is open to anyone interested in philosophy who considers himself or herself a Christian. Membership is not restricted to any particular "school" of philosophy or to any branch of Christianity, nor to professional or academic philosophers.

Meetings of the Society are regularly held in conjunction with the American Catholic Philosophical Association, the Eastern, Central, and Pacific Divisions of the American Philosophical Association, and the Canadian Philosophical Association, and at the World Congress of Philosophy.


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