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The Society of Conservative Lawyers was founded in 1947 and is an affiliate of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom. A leading Conservative think tank, the society also provides expert legal advice to the Conservative Front Bench and hosts debates on topical issues. Since its foundation generations of Conservative candidates have been selected from the Society’s ranks.

Founding and history[edit]

Founded in 1947, the society quickly became a leading Think Tank on law and legal issues for the Party and continues to help to shape manifestos and policy.

Its aims and objectives are to:

The society has a vibrant membership of lawyers with an interest in Conservative policy and runs a regular diary of meetings and dinners with a strong political theme[1]

Notable members[edit]

The following either are current members or have been in the past

Think tank[edit]

In addition to the programme of events, the Society has an active research wing.[2] This is involved in helping the frontbench teams with legislation that is going through Parliament and policy formation. Traditionally the Chairman of Research has led the Society's thinking and in recent years other members have also published pamphlets and papers through the Society. The current Chairman of Research is Lord Faulks, QC.

Current administration[edit]

Recent publications[edit]

NB: These and other publications are available on the Society of Conservative Lawyers website which can be found here.

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