Society of Justice Party

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Society of Justice Party
Leader Ban Sophal

August 2006

Ideology Democracy
Liberal tendencies
Big tent
Political position Right-wing to Left-wing
Party flag
Flag of the Khmer Republic.svg

Society of Justice Party is a political party in Cambodia, whose president is Ban Sophal.

Political ideology[edit]

It believes in making the Cambodian people “confident in their national currency”, respecting Cambodia’s “constitution”, believes in the monarchy and the king as a “great nationalist” and also following Cambodia’s constitution it says he’s the symbol of “national unity”, “independence” and “sovereignty”.

The party believes that training for occupational and employment is necessary for “both male and female Cambodians in response to the needs of both local and international labour markets.” The SJP also believes that “Cambodian workers and people” need to be protected in other countries and in Cambodia.

It supports the “freedom” of the Cambodian people.[1]


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