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Bachelor of Social Services (called socionom in Swedish and Danish, sosionom in Norwegian, and sosionomi in Finnish) is a degree in social welfare from Scandinavian universities. At the core it is based on the competences needed to work in social services. Courses in sociology, human rights, gerontology, community services, psychology, social security and entrepreneurship are part of the degree. Service orientation and client work is seen through a social pedagogical framework. The studies take 3 to 5 years. Degree holders are usually hired for services in Scandinavian welfare systems. NGO oriented services take place with families and people of all ages in areas such as: child protection, early childhood education, community work, substance abuse prevention or promotion of mental health.

In Sweden, the training was originally given in social work than in social services, training's were given in specialized social work colleges (socialhögskola), which were integrated into the regular Swedish university system in 1977, through department of social work at an existing university or university college.

Job titles[edit]

Bachelors of Social Services graduates find jobs in a wide range of roles in the social services. Some may be in the public, private or the third sector. [1]

  • Social welfare supervisor
  • Family worker
  • Student welfare officer
  • Project worker
  • Project manager
  • NGO employee
  • Service entrepreneur
  • Social welfare officer

Notable degree holders[edit]