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Socket 1
Type LIF
Chip form factors PGA
Contacts 169
FSB protocol ?
FSB frequency 16–33 MT/s
Voltage range 5 V
Processors Intel 486 SX, 486 DX, 486 DX2, 486 OverDrive

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Socket 1 was the second of a series of standard CPU sockets created by Intel into which various x86 microprocessors were inserted. It was an upgrade to Intel's first standard pin grid array (PGA) socket and the first with an official designation. Socket 1 was intended as a 486 upgrade socket, and added one extra pin to prevent upgrade chips from being inserted incorrectly.

Socket 1 was a 169-pin low insertion force (LIF) 17×17 pin grid array (PGA) socket suitable for the 5-volt, 16 to 33 MHz 486 SX, 486 DX, 486 DX2 and 486 OverDrive processors.[1]

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