Socket 4

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Socket 4
Socket 4.jpg
Type ZIF
Chip form factors PPGA
Contacts 273
FSB protocol ?
FSB frequency 60, 66 MT/s
Voltage range 5 V
Processors Intel P5 Pentium

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Socket 4, presented in 1993, was the first CPU socket designed for the early P5 Pentium microprocessors. Socket 4 was the only 5-volt socket for the Pentium. After Socket 4, Intel switched to the 3.3-volt-powered Socket 5. Socket 4 does support a special Pentium OverDrive, which allows running at 120 MHz (for the 60 MHz Pentium) or 133 MHz (for the 66 MHz Pentium).[1]

A socket 4 processor mounted on a motherboard

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