Socket 8

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Socket 8
Socket 8.jpg
Type ZIF
Chip form factors CPGA
Contacts 387
FSB protocol AGTL
FSB frequency 60–66MHz
Voltage range 3.1 or 3.3V
Processors Pentium Pro, Pentium II OverDrive

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The Socket 8 CPU socket was used exclusively with the Intel Pentium Pro and Pentium II Overdrive computer processors. Intel discontinued Socket 8 in favor of Slot 1 with the introduction of the Pentium II.

Technical specifications[edit]

An engineering sample of the Pentium II Overdrive CPU showing the bottom of the unit.

Socket 8 has a unique rectangular socket with 387 pins. It supports a FSB speeds ranging from 60 to 66 MHz, a voltage from 3.1 or 3.3V, and support for the Pentium Pro and the Pentium II OverDrive CPUs. Socket 8 also has a unique pin arrangement pattern. One part of the socket has pins in a PGA grid, while the other part uses a SPGA grid.[1]

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