Soda Butte Creek

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Soda Butte Creek
Soda Butte Creek
Country United States
State Wyoming
 - location 45°01′20″N 109°55′03″W / 45.02222°N 109.91750°W / 45.02222; -109.91750 (Soda Butte Creek)[1], Yellowstone National Park, Montana
Mouth Lamar River
 - location 44°52′12″N 110°11′43″W / 44.87000°N 110.19528°W / 44.87000; -110.19528 (Soda Butte Creek)Coordinates: 44°52′12″N 110°11′43″W / 44.87000°N 110.19528°W / 44.87000; -110.19528 (Soda Butte Creek)[1]
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
 - elevation 6,601 ft (2,012 m)

Soda Butte Creek is an approximately 20 miles (32 km) long major tributary of the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park. It is named for a now-extinct geyser (Soda Butte) near its mouth. Soda Butte and the creek were named by A. Bart Henderson, a Cooke City miner, in 1870.[2] It rises just outside the northeast corner of the park on the southern slopes of the Absaroka Range near Cooke City, Montana. The Northeast East Entrance road parallels Soda Butte Creek for its entire length within the park. Soda Butte Creek is a popular angling destination for native Yellowstone cutthroat trout.


Soda Butte Creek is a popular angling destination for fly fisherman. It holds brook trout in it upper reaches, mostly cutthroat trout and a few rainbow trout in its lower section. Because of spring runoff, the creek is generally not fishable until mid-July.[3][4] All rainbow and brook trout caught must be killed.[5]

Images of Soda Butte Creek
Soda Butte, ca 1872 William Henry Jackson 
Soda Butte Creek, circa 1890 
Soda Creek, January 2009 
Soda Butte, December 2009 
Soda Butte, June 2016 

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