Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

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Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
Directed byDavid Stoten
Produced by
  • Ian McCue (HiT)
  • Jennifer Hill (Arc)
Screenplay byAndrew Brenner
Narrated byMark Moraghan
Music by
  • Robert Hartshorne
  • Peter Hartshorne
Edited byMatthew Ahrens
Distributed by
Release date
Running time
  • 60 minutes (UK)
  • 63 minutes (US)

Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure is a 2015 CGI-animated children's epic fantasy adventure action musical film and the 9th feature-length special of Thomas & Friends.[2]

The film stars the voices of Joseph May and John Hasler as the voice of Thomas in the US and UK dubs respectively. It stars the voices of Olivia Colman, Keith Wickham, Tim Whitnall, Rob Rackstraw, William Hope, Kerry Shale, Christopher Ragland, Glenn Wrage, Joe Mills, Teresa Gallagher, Jules de Jongh, Steven Kynman and Tom Stourton.

Eddie Redmayne, Sir John Hurt, Jamie Campbell Bower and Nathan Clarke join the voice cast, while Rex, Bert and Mike, the Arlesdale Railway Engines, also the central characters of the Reverend Wilbert Awdry's book, 'Small Railway Engines', made their first appearance in the TV series in this production, having only appeared in the Railway Series so far, until now. It also features a special cameo appearance from Wilbert Awdry himself in CGI. Chronologically, the film takes place between the nineteenth and twentieth seasons of the series, but was released during the nineteenth.

When the film received a theatrical release in the UK during July 2015.[1] It was met with mostly positive reviews from critics who praised the direction and solid plot though critical of the film's somewhat dark undertone.


One day at Knapford Station, Thomas the Tank Engine causes Gordon the Big Engine's express to fly off the tracks by accident while trying to disprove Gordon about "silly" tank engines. Thomas pins the blame on Gordon and Emily, but Sir Topham Hatt angrily tells Thomas that he was the one who caused the accident. As punishment for his actions and making up excuses, Sir Topham Hatt takes away Thomas's branch line and gives it to a new engine named Ryan. He then sends Thomas to the construction yard of the new branch line that was being constructed.

Meanwhile, at Arlesburgh Junction, the miniature engines Mike, Rex, and Bert burst into song to cheer Thomas up. At the yard, Thomas goes over an unsafe section of track as it gives way for a large gap. Thomas falls into the sinkhole and is badly damaged by the fall. He sees, however, an old abandoned pirate ship inside and, when lifted out by Rocky the crane, he tries to tell Sir Topham Hatt about it, while an elderly man watches Thomas with his telescope. While Thomas is being repaired at the works, Edward the Blue Engine reveals that Rocky found a ship at the bottom of the cavern. Thomas is livid when he learns that Rocky has taken credit for his discovery due to Sir Topham Hatt's refusal to listen to him. Donald and Douglas, the Scottish twin engines, are tasked with taking the ship to the harbor to put it on display. As they do so, the same man from before watches them.

The next night, Thomas suddenly wakes and follows a sailboat with train wheels flowing down the line. Just outside the sinkhole, Thomas accidentally makes himself known, and sailor John and sailboat Skiff introduce themselves. Thomas soon agrees to help find the treasure and lowers Sailor John into the cavern, where the map is found. Late next morning, after taking on bad coal, sparks from Ryan's funnel light the dynamite in his trucks, which him and some other engines pass around before Thomas shunts the trucks into the cavern, right before it explodes. Thomas is congratulated by others, but Sir Topham Hatt is furious, due to the scenario looking like Thomas was chasing Ryan with the dynamite on purpose. Thomas tries to explain what actually happened, but Sir Topham Hatt, fed up with Thomas refusing to own up to his mistakes and very angry with him for causing so much confusion and delay, sends Thomas to his shed for the rest of the afternoon in disgrace and ordering the construction vehicles to go back to work. That afternoon the diggers try to carry on, but without the dynamite, they are unable to make progress. The construction vehicles leave for the evening while Marion the railway steam shovel finds a chest within the cliffside.

That night, Thomas agrees to help Sailor John to again find the treasure, but he soon gets accused of finding it first. An upset Thomas bumps into Marion, who drops the chest onto him, revealing the treasure. Passing through Knapford, Thomas overhears Sir Topham Hatt on the telephone, saying the treasure will be in his office overnight. Back in the construction yard, Ryan apologizes to Thomas for getting him into trouble about the dynamite and offers him a place to sleep in the sheds, but Thomas refuses and decides to sleep in Knapford station for the night.

That night, Thomas sleeps in wait just outside the station, while John blows up the safe and takes the treasure. The explosion awakes Thomas, who begins pursuing him. To keep up with the two, Thomas has to race through a red signal and towards a hill, where he finds the pirate ship, which John has rigged as an escape vehicle. Mike, Rex, Bert, and Ryan assist Thomas in derailing the pirate ship as John and Skiff continue towards the harbor.

As the morning sun rises, Thomas is still chasing the pair. but then Skiff encourages Thomas to derail him. Thomas accidentally sends him down a wrong line, but soon notices that his line crosses over Skiff's - which runs into the sea. Thomas slips into it and rests atop of Skiff's chassis, while John sails away, despite Skiff asking him to throw off the heavy treasure, which a huge wave later sinks to the bottom of the sea. Later that morning, the police turn up and arrest John. Upon seeing Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas, worried that he will shut him up in the shed for several days, especially after his previous mishaps, tries to apologize, but Sir Topham Hatt is proud of him for his heroism in saving his friends from the dynamite incident and stopping Sailor John from escaping, which Ryan told him all about. At last, the construction is complete. A fully repaired Thomas leads the other engines down the new branch line, meeting up with Skiff again, who is now carrying out railboat tours to visitors, while divers recover the treasure.


Actor/Actress Region Role(s)
Mark Moraghan UK/US The Narrator
John Hasler UK Thomas
Joseph May US
Keith Wickham UK Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy
UK/US Salty, Bert, Bertie, Sir Topham Hatt, Sodor Brass Band leader, a policeman, a diver, some workmen
Rob Rackstraw UK Toby






Stanley And Monty
Christopher Ragland Percy
'William Hope Edward and Toby

Stanley And Monty

Iron Bert And The Railway Inspectors

Kerry Shale Henry Gordon Max And Kevin

Diesel And Arry

Teresa Gallagher UK/US Daisy, Annie, Clarabel and some children
UK Emily
Jules de Jongh US
Glenn Wrage Cranky
Matt Wilkinson UK Cranky and Kevin
David Bedella UK/US Victor
Steven Kynman Duck
UK Jack
David Menkin US
Jonathan Broadbent UK/US Bill and Ben
Joe Mills Donald, Douglas, GWR Oliver and Toad
Tim Whitnall Mike and Oliver the Excavator
Tom Stourton Rex
Nathan Clarke Browne Alfie
Olivia Colman Marion
Eddie Redmayne Ryan
Sir John Hurt Sailor John
Jamie Campbell Bower Skiff


Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure currently holds an 80% "fresh" approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 5 reviews.[3]

Andrew Pulver of The Guardian gave the film a 3/5 stating, "Like Tale of the Brave, Lost Treasure jams locomotive action together with a pop motif supposedly beloved of kids: Brave had dinosaurs, Treasure has pirates."[4]


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