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Coordinates: 52°11′27″N 5°16′56″E / 52.19083°N 5.28222°E / 52.19083; 5.28222
ProvinceUtrecht (province)
MunicipalitySoest / Baarn

Soestdijk (Dutch pronunciation: [suzˈdɛik]) was a village in the municipality of Soest, Utrecht, Netherlands and gives its name to Paleis Soestdijk, which from 1937 to 2004 was the residence of Princess and later Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard (who both died in 2004).

Most of Soestdijk is now a part of the city of Soest. A smaller part of the former village, including the palace, is part of the municipality of Baarn.

Coordinates: 52°11′37″N 5°16′45″E / 52.19361°N 5.27917°E / 52.19361; 5.27917