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Mohamed El-Amine Souef (born July 1962) is a Comorian diplomat and former foreign minister,[1] ambassador to Egypt, and Permanent Representative to the Arab League (1995–1998). He has been appointed deputy Foreign Minister in charge of the Arab World by president Mohamed Taki Abdulkarim in 1998. He first became foreign minister in 1999, following the military coup of Azali Assoumani. He resigned briefly in January 2002, along with Azali Assoumani, to make way for a transitional government, but he was reappointed a few months later when Assoumani won elections and regained power. He lost his post again in July 2005 during a cabinet reshuffle. After the reshuffle,Mr. Souef was named Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Comoros to the United Nations in New York (April 2006).Previously, in government, He served as Parliamentarian, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, State Minister in charge of Cooperation, Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Representative to the Arab League States and, Adviser to the President of the Comoros. Mr. Souef is currently serving DPKO after a long carrier within the Government of the Comoros.In peacekeeping, He is currently Head of the MINUSMA Office in Gao/Mali and had been successively Head of the UNAMID Liaison Office in Khartoum and Head of Office in South and North Darfur (UNAMID)since April 2011. M.SOUEF is a scholar and an author of five books on politics and geopolitics. 1-Les Comores en mouvement ( 2008); 2-Les grands défis de la politique étrangère des Comores ( 2009);3- le Transport aérien aux Comores entre Souveraineté et Sécurité(2009) Ed,de lalune. 4-Discours et Images des Comores Ed, de lalune; 5- Réflexions sur géopolitique de l’Océan indien Ed de laLune;



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