Sofa (Canadian band)

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OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
GenresNoise rock, post-hardcore, post-rock
Years active1993 – 1997
LabelsRhyzome / Constellation
Associated actsSilver Mt. Zion, Re:, The Delmarva Scheme, Quinimine, The Donkeys
Past membersScott Clarkson
Ian Ilavsky
Keith Marchand
Brad Todd

Sofa was a Montreal-based band that was active from 1993 to 1997. The group is best remembered for being the first group to release material on post-rock record label Constellation Records; bandmember Ian Ilavsky (later a member of Re: and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band) was a co-founder of the label.


Most of Sofa's songs were written and played in a 10' x 10' room and were later presented in live shows, after which they were discarded. The band was made up of four members. They self-released two albums on cassette and with Constellation Records had two more releases (one 7" and one CD). The full-length, Grey, received positive reviews from several Canadian press outlets.[1][2][3][4][5] One member of the band, Ian, is also the co-founder (along with Don) of Constellation Records, an independent record label.

Six months after the release of the full-length Grey, the group disbanded.[6] The song "String of Lights" was included on the Constellation compilation disc Song of the Silent Land; one reviewer noted the song's "delicate emotion reminiscent of the Dirty Three".[7]



  • Test Tone (self-release/Rhyzome Records; 1994)
  • Town Unsafe (self-release; 1995)
  • Record (self-release; 1995)
  • New Era Building (Constellation Records; 1997) - includes two songs from 'Record'
  • Grey (Constellation Records; 1997)


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