Sofia Hublitz

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Sofia Hublitz
Years active2014–present

Sofia Hublitz is an American actress. She currently stars in the American television series Ozark as Charlotte Byrde.


Hublitz appeared on TV as a juvenile contestant on MasterChef Junior in 2013.[1] during this series, Hublitz was seen crying over a failure in one of the tasks, allowing Gordon Ramsay to show his rarely seen compassionate nature by assisting her to redo the task.[2] She played Danielle Hoffman in two episodes of the television series Louie in 2014,[3] and "Young" Sylvia in a single episode of Horace and Pete in 2016.[3] Since 2017, she has appeared as Charlotte Byrde, daughter of protagonists Marty and Wendy Byrde – played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney – in the Netflix series Ozark.[4][3]


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