Medical University, Sofia

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Medical University, Sofia
Медицински университет
Type Public
Established 1917
Rector Prof. Vihra Milanova
Location Sofia, Bulgaria

The Medical University (Bulgarian: Медицински университет) is a university in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was founded in 1917 and is organized in four faculties.

History and profile[edit]

Medical University of Sofia is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria. His Majesty Zar Ferdinand founded it by decree in 1917 as a medical faculty of Sofia University.

Worthy to be remembered are doctors M. Russev, A.M. Petrov, St. Vatev, and P. Orahovatz who prepared Alexandrovska hospital’s departments for the needs of future clinics and organized training of teaching stuff. Among the first professors of medicine in Bulgaria were V. Mollov, P. Stojanov, St. Kirkovitch, Iv. Kiprov (first dean), R.H. Kann, T. Petrov, Pashev, At. Teodorov, etc. In 1942 a dentistry department opened and its founders were assistant professor Sl. Davidov, assistant professor G. Stiljanov and professor Al. Stanishev.

In 1950, the medical faculty was set apart from Sofia University and became independent as a medical academy with two faculties: medicine and dentistry. In 1951 a pharmaceutical faculty was added. In the next decades several administrative transformations took placs — Higher Medical Institute (1954-1972), Medical Academy (1972-1990), and again Higher Medical Institute. On 21 May 1995 according to the decision taken by the National Assembly, the Higher Medical Institute became a Medical University.


The four faculties are:

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