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Logo of Sofia Urban Mobility Center

The public transport in Sofia consists of a comprehensive network of bus, trolleybus, tram and metro lines. It is overseen by the Sofia Urban Mobility Center, a municipal enterprise responsible for route planning, scheduling, fare collection and ticket inspection. It also pays the various transport operators for their service on a per-kilometer basis. Sofia is the only city in Bulgaria that operates the four modes of public transport.[1]

As of 2019, public transport in Sofia is operated by 3 municipal and 2 private companies:

  • Столичен автотранспорт ЕАД (Sofia Public Bus Transport Company JSC) operates the majority of bus services
  • Столичен електротранспорт ЕАД (Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC) operates the tram and trolleybus networks
  • Метрополитен ЕАД (Metropoliten JSC) operates the Sofia Metro
  • Private companies Eridantrans and MTK Group operate some, mainly suburban, bus services



PESA 122NaSF Swing tram in Sofia on line 7



Škoda Solaris 26tr trolleybus in Sofia on line 11


MAN Lion's city buses in Sofia on lines 83 & 120

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