Soft Shell Man

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Soft Shell Man
Directed by André Turpin
Produced by Luc Déry
Nicole Hilaréguy
Joseph Hillel
Screenplay by André Turpin
Music by Ramachandra Borcar and Guy Pelletier
Cinematography André Turpin
Edited by Sophie Leblond

Soft Shell Man (French: Un crabe dans la tête) is a Québécois film, directed by André Turpin released in 2001.


Alex, a young photographer, continually seduces. He pleases everyone, without ever having any of his own ideas, passions, or conflicts. His existence is completely empty, dependent on the need to please others. While in Montreal, he has an adventure with a journalist, Marie, who is in the company of his best friend. This friend, Sara, is deaf.



The film was nominated for 10 Jutra Awards and won seven, including Best Film.[1][2]



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