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Background information
Chinese name 軟硬天師 (traditional)
Chinese name 软硬天师 (simplified)
Pinyin ruan3 ying4 tian1 shi1 (Mandarin)
Jyutping jyun5 ngaang6 tin1 si1 (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Other name(s) Softhard Angels
Genre(s) Hong Kong hip hop, Parodies, Cantopop
Voice type(s) Both baritone
Label(s) Cinepoly Records
Gold Label Records
Years active 1988 – 1995, 2006-present
Jan Lamb and Eric Kot

Softhard is a Chinese rap duo from Hong Kong, consisting of DJ Hard "Jan Lamb" and MC Soft "Eric Kot". The rap duo is widely accredited for pioneering the hip hop act to achieve mainstream minor success during the early 1990s while on an independent label during the late 1980s. The duo appeared in director Wong Jing's live-action City Hunter film, performing the song "Gala Gala Happy."



  • Softhard self title debut (1991)
  • SH Special (1999)
  • Long Time No See (2006)
  • Softhard Alliance (2005)
  • Softhard Refill (2005)
  • Softhard '06 Summer League (2006)
  • Softhard Mix I (1993)
  • Softhard Mix II (1993)
  • The Lost Tapes (1993)