Software 2000

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Software 2000
IndustryVideo game industry
FounderMarc Wardenga
Norbert Wardenga
Andreas Wardenga
DefunctFebruary 2002
ProductsPizza Connection
Pizza Syndicate (archived version 2002-01-18)

Software 2000 was a video game developer and publisher based in Germany.[1]

The company was formed in 1987 in Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein, by brothers Andreas and Marc Wardenga. They produced and published games for various formats, originally the Atari ST and Amiga platforms, and later for the PC, Game Boy Color and a few titles for the PlayStation.

Perhaps their most successful venture was the Bundesliga Manager series, based on the German soccer premier league. They also produced a series of "Artventure" interactive fiction games, in the German language. In the mid-1990s they produced other spinoff manager games, including Eishockey Manager (Ice Hockey Manager) and the Pizza Syndicate series for the PC. They also developed the puzzle game Swing, released for the PlayStation in 1998.

The company produced several titles with small development teams. This proved fatal with the rising standards of full priced games. With falling sales and important figures leaving the company, Software 2000 filed for bankruptcy in 2002.


Name Release year Platform(s)
Genius 1989 Amiga/PC
Bundesliga Manager 1989 Amiga/Atari/PC/C64
Wild West World 1990 Amiga/PC
Lettrix 1990 Amiga/Atari/PC/C64
Titano (Magic Soft) 1990 Amiga/PC
Die Stadt der Löwen 1990 Amiga/PC
Das Stundenglas 1990 Amiga/PC
Cubulus 1991 C64/Amiga
Build it – Das Bauhaus 1991 Amiga
Bundesliga Manager Professional 1991 Amiga/Atari/PC
Kengi 1991 Amiga/Atari/PC/C64
Century 1991 Amiga
Magic Serpent 1991 Amiga
The Manager 1991 Amiga/PC
Shiftrix 1991 Amiga
Die Kathedrale 1992 Amiga/PC
Hexuma – Das Auge des Kal 1992 Amiga/PC
Death or Glory 1993 Amiga/PC
Der Schatz im Silbersee 1993 PC/Amiga only Demo
Jonathan 1993 Amiga
Eishockey Manager 1993 Amiga/PC
Die Höhlenwelt Saga: Der leuchtende Kristall 1994 PC
Der Schatz im Silbersee 1994 PC
Der Baulöwe 1994 PC
Christoph Kolumbus 1994 Amiga/PC
Bundesliga Manager Hattrick 1994 Amiga/PC
Pizza Connection 1994 Amiga/PC
Der Reeder 1995 Amiga/PC
Ocean Trader 1995 PC
Space Marines: Der stählerne Kaiser 1995 PC
Talisman 1995 PC
Bundesliga Manager 97 1996 PC
F1 Manager 96 1996 PC
Flying Saucer 1998 PC (cancelled)
F1 Manager Professional 1997 PC
Bundesliga Manager 98 1998 PC
Flying Saucer 1998 PC
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten 1998 PC
Pizza Syndicate 1999 PC
GZSZ Fun Pack 1999 PC
Pizza Syndicate Mission CD 1999 PC
Swing 1997 Game Boy Color/PC/PlayStation
GZSZ Quiz 2000 PC/PlayStation/Game Boy Color
Superball 2000 PC
Lettrix 2000 PC
Shiftrix 2000 PC
Pizza Connection 2 2001 PC
Bundesliga Manager X 2001 PC