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Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), is a hybrid of a software tester and a developer to automate the testing itself. The title and acronym originated from Microsoft in 2005. Apple and Amazon also use the SDET job title; while Google prefers SET (software engineer in test) for a similar role.

Traditional software testers who manually test code are typically given the title Quality Assurance Analyst or Quality Control Engineer, and they customarily work in separate departments from the regular software engineers. By contrast, companies frequently place SDETs in development teams to closely participate in the complete software development process. The SDET must be able to automate processes for thorough testing and develop code on his/her own. The new popularity of the SDET role is driven by the DevOps movement toward integration (development being integrated with second skill set) and automation. An SDET's knowledge of software development is often focused on testability, robustness, and performance, and they usually play a contributory role in the creation of new software. An SDET's skill set will often include direct experience in software development, scripting, and how to manually test software for bugs.

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