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Software Technology Parks of India
Software Technology Parks of India logo.jpg
HeadquartersNew Delhi
  • In all States of India
Region served
Director General
Dr. Omkar Rai
Parent organisation
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) is a society established in 1991 by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology with the objective of encouraging, promoting and boosting the export of software from India.


STPI maintains internal engineering resources to provide consulting, training and implementation services. Services cover network design, system integration, installation, operations and maintenance of application networks and facilities in varied areas. It is an export oriented scheme for the development and export of computer software, including export of professional services. The process development of STPI is in accordance to the Quality Management System, and adheres to ISO 9001 certification.[1] The STP Scheme provides various benefits to the registered units, including 100% foreign equity, tax incentives, duty-free import, duty-free indigenous procurement, CST reimbursement, DTA entitlement, and deemed exporting.

STPI has played a seminal role in India having earned a reputation as an information technology superpower.[citation needed] STP units exported software and information technology worth Rs. 215264 crore in FY 2010-11.[2] The state with the largest export contribution was Karnataka followed by Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Telangana. STPI has a presence in many major cities of India including the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Kanpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Warangal, Kakinada, Lucknow, Pune, Surat, Tirupati, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.[3] [4][5]

Besides regulating the STP scheme, STPI centers also provide a variety of services including high-speed data communication, incubation facilities, consultancy, network monitoring, data centers and data hosting. STPI provides physical hosting for the National Internet Exchange of India.

The tax benefits under the Income Tax Act Section 10A applicable to STP units has expired since March 2011. While the Government has chosen not to extend the Sec 10A benefits against the demand by the IT units, most of the STP registered SME units will be affected, and now will have to pay income tax on profits earned from exports.[citation needed]

A new incentive scheme for IT and ITES companies is under discussion. It will help dispersal of IT industry in smaller cities and also support STPI-registered units which have not come under SEZs as well as other units which are not covered under any incentive scheme. This incentive scheme is seen as an alternate scheme to compensate the STPI units, but the same would be restricted to those units located in tier II and III cities. However, the proposal is still under consideration and no announcement has been made.

Performance of STPI registered units[edit]

During 2014-15, 106 new units were registered under STP Scheme. As of 31 March 2015, 3124 units were operative out of which 2832 units were actually exporting.

Exports by STPI registered IT/ITeS units[edit]

The overall exports done by STPI registered IT/ITeS units increased from 2,73,313 crore in 2013-14 to 2,93,797 crore in 2014-15, an increase of 7.49%. The bifurcation of 2014-15 exports is as follows:

  • Exports from units availing servicesunder STP scheme (under FTDR Act,1992) is Rs 2,84,384.10 crore.
  • Exports from units availing only Softex attestation services is Rs 9,412.40 crore.

State wise software exports made by registered units through STPI[edit]

State 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2014-15[2] 2015-16[6]
Andhra Pradesh 379.54 477.93
Assam 0.60 1.35 0.18
Bihar 9.25
Chandigarh 519.89 700.79
Chattishgarh 0.22 89.23 4.50 4.58 18.63 23.29
Delhi 5,264.00 1,762.00 1,892.49 1,776.90 2217.84 1,442.30
Goa 117.17
Gujarat 681.00 1,268.13 1,035.00 1,250.99 1917.96 2,224.55
Haryana 10,960.00 12,410.00 14,795.36 13,650.75 17,857.69 19,265.44
Himachal Pradesh 1.10 0.75 1.69 1.90 8.35 5.16
Jammu & Kashmir 1.28 1.74 1.25 1.80 2.45 3.35
Jharkhand 7.00 49.16
Karnataka 70,240.93 109,797.67 125,418.53
Kerala 1,201.00 1,803.00 1,956.45 2,071.67 2867.77 3,008.91
Madhya Pradesh 185.22 198.00 214.93 246.89 343.38 355.00
Maharashtra 35,374.00 42,360.88 45,709.34 49,873.78 61,314.29 64,063.59
Meghalaya 1.64 4.21 6.31
Odisha 844.00 1,162.00 1,116.83 1,253.29 1940.00 2,179.72
Pondicherry 64.00 65897.65 110.25 153.26 182.55
Punjab 227.56 230.00 345.38 438.43 336.34 324.83
Rajasthan 275.30 358.00 520.36 491.65 712.27 803.97
Tamil Nadu 38,295.00 38,355.58 41,363.51 42,100.00 33,275.73 33,905.30
Telangana 26,122.00 31,039.00 27,665.85 28,674.57 39,185.84 41,480.47
Uttar Pradesh 10,695.21 10,264.36 10,590.43 10,281.60 13,740.34 16,450.68
Uttarakhand 9.31 21.00 174.16 86.19 74.67 82.57
West Bengal 4,500.00 5,129.00 5,441.00 5,665.00 7,015.00 6,990.00
All India 228,646.81 293,796.50 319,569.00

All figures in crores of INR

Exports by EHTP units[edit]

The exports made by EHTP units decreased by 26.35% from 27091.54 crore in 2013-14 to 19951.81 crore in 2014-15.

STPI Scheme[edit]

STPI envisaged under Digital India program launched the India BPO Promotion Scheme (IBPS). this scheme seek to incentivize establishment of 48,300 seats in respect of BPO/ITES operations across India. STPI is the nodal agency of this scheme under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Director General STPI Omkar Rai has announced to launch 48,000 such seats across the country, with a target employment of 72,450 in the sector.[7][8] The government provides financial support of up to Rs 1 lakh per seat under two plans—India BPO Promotion Scheme and North East BPO Promotion Scheme. The Scheme is distributed among each State in proportion of State's population with an outlay of Rs. 493 Crore.

Electropreneur Park[edit]

STPI has established a joint venture to set up an 'Electropreneur Park' with the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA).This is aimed at supporting 50 startups working on electronics product designing and development over the next five years. The initiative is a subset of the government's 'Make in India' mission, aligned with entrepreneurial and innovation focus.[9]


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