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The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is a United States-based software and information trade association. The organization lobbies United States policy makers as well as conducting surveys and research. It also hosts conferences and webcasts.

The SIIA's activities pertain to government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property (IP) protection to companies that produce and deliver software and content products and services.[1]


The Software Publishers Association (SPA) was founded in 1984 by Ken Wasch. The original purpose was to provide its two dozen software publisher members representation with policy makers. The membership later grew to a thousand small companies, and in 1999 it was merged with the Information Industry Association (IIA) to form the Software & Information Industry Association.[2]


The SIIA consists of seven divisions:

  • Connectiv, Business Information Association – provides the tools, actionable insights and expertise to accelerate innovation and elevate the business information industry.
  • Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) – serves and represents more than 180 member companies that provide software, digital content and other technologies that address educational needs.
  • Financial & Information Services Association (FISD) – the forum of choice to identify and resolve the business and technical issues that affect the administration.
  • Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) – helping specialized information providers and publishers boost their revenue and grow their businesses since 1977.
  • Software & Services Division (SSD) – provides a forum for companies developing the applications, services, infrastructure and tools that are driving the software and services industry forward.
  • Public Policy & Advocacy – aggressively promotes and protects the interests of its member companies in legal and public policy debates by working with state, federal and international policymakers and participating in landmark legal decisions.
  • IP Protection (IPP) – conducts a comprehensive, industry-wide campaign to protect and enforce the intellectual property rights of participating software and content companies. The pro-active campaign is premised on the notion that one must balance enforcement with education in order to be effective.


Main article: CODiE Awards

The CODiE Awards is SIIA's peer-recognition program honoring the software and information industry's leading products and services, held annually since its inception in 1986.[3]

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