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Sogetel inc.
Private company
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1892
Headquarters Nicolet, Quebec, Canada
Key people
Michel Biron
Number of employees
180 in 2014

Sogetel is a private Canadian telecommunications company founded in 1892. [1]

Sogetel' HQ is Nicolet.

Sogetel is a landline independent telephone company that serves multiple areas, most rural, in Quebec. It also provides mobile telephony in 6000 subscribers in Mauricie and central Québec.[2] [3]

Sogetel Numérique (9164-3122 Québec Inc.) operates as a competitive local exchange carrier in various communities in Bell territory (Bell Aliant, Bell Canada and Télébec)[4]

Services offered[edit]

Served areas[edit]


  • Sogetel Mobilité
  • Sogetel Interurbain (merged into Sogetel in 2009)
  • Sogetel Numérique (merged into Sogetel in 2009)
    • Sogetel Internet NTIC (merged into Sogetel Numérique in 2007)
  • Téléphone Milot
    • Corporation de Téléphone de La Baie (merged into Téléphone Milot in 2007)
    • Compagnie téléphone Nantes inc. (merged into Téléphone Milot in 2008)



Sogetel is member of :

  • Association des compagnies de téléphone du Québec (ACTQ)
  • Canadian Independent Telephone Association (CITA)
  • Société d’administration des tarifs d’accès des télécommunicateurs (SATAT)