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Sogn was a district of the city of Oslo, Norway up to January 1, 2004, when it became part of the Nordre Aker district.

The name Sogn was chosen in 1972, as the city council decided to divide Oslo into 34 districts. Each district had 13 members of a district committee, elected by city council for 4 years. The district committee decided on the local name Sogn. "Sogn and Berg is probably the oldest, known farm estates in our district. Hovedbølet on Berg farm estate is placed outside of district limits today. Sognsvann has given name to the farm estate Sogn, that was divided into 3 Sogngårder: Østre Sogn, Vestre Sogn and Lille Sogn (Nordberg). Known names where taken by other areas or institutions: Nordberg (parish), Tåsen school district / voting district, Korsvoll school district / voting district. Berg-area is divided by its district border to the west; with Berg school (and farm estate) just outside its district border.[1]