Sohail Castle

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Sohail Castle
Castillo Sohail
Castillo de Sohail 01.jpg
The Sohail Castle.
General information
Location Fuengirola, Spain
Coordinates 36°31′30″N 4°37′44″W / 36.525°N 4.629°W / 36.525; -4.629Coordinates: 36°31′30″N 4°37′44″W / 36.525°N 4.629°W / 36.525; -4.629

Sohail Castle (Spanish: Castillo Sohail) is a castle in Fuengirola, Spain. It was built in AD 956 by Abd-ar-Rahman III to strengthen the coastal defenses.[1] In 2000 the Town of Fuengirola renovated the ruins of the castle turning it into a tourist attraction and functioning space used for concerts and other festivals. Excavated stone ruins on public display at the western base of the hill on which the castle sits are dated back to before the Roman Empire occupied Fuengirola at least 300 BC.

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