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name = Sohal
type = Jatt clan
location = Punjab (India)
religion = Sikhism
language = Punjabi
Writing = Gurmukhi


In Indian Punjab, Sikhs write this last name as "sohal" for its pronounced as such when written in Gurmukhi.

In Indian Punjab there are many villages named "Sohal" in the district of Jalandhar, Amritsar,Tarantaaran & Gurdaspur.

One of the prominent villages is located on Amritsar Pathankot GT road few miles north of the town of Dhariwal in District Gurdaspur. It has a Train Station named after the village Sohal on Amritsar- Jammu rail line. There are 7 villages of Sohal in Amritsar district, around Jhabal & Bhikiwind area.

Sohal Sikhs are considered cousins of Aulakh Sikhs and they do not marry each other.

The great Kushan King "Kanishka" is said to have belonged to Sohal tribe. in Pakistan, Jampur city of Dera Ghazi khan, the sehol tribe is well known


In India they are also found in Jalandhar District, with their main villages being Sangal Sohal,Athoula, Jagir, Atta, Sohalpur and Sohal in Nakodar Tehsil, and Chak Bilga in Nawanshahr District.[1]

In Pakistan, the Sohal Sehol are found mainly in Faisalabad District, but most originate from Amritsar and Gurdaspur District in Punjab, India. There are also a small numbers found in Gujrat District and Sialkot District.

Hameed pur Kalan is an old Sohal village in Gujranwala District, while the village of Sohal Kalan, Sohal Khurd and Sohal are found in Gujrat District.

Hardo Sohal is an old village in Sheikhupura district of West Punjab.

In popular fiction[edit]

The most well known fictional anti-hero, Vimal created by Surender Mohan Pathak, is a Sohal.[2] His full name being Surinder Singh Sohal. But he is known thus for he belongs to the village "Sangal Sohal", following the practice of using the name of one's ancestral village for surname (like Badal or Barnala, for instance) sohal are also found in vallah village in distt Amritsar.

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