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Sohmor is located in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°31′7″N 35°41′8″E / 33.51861°N 35.68556°E / 33.51861; 35.68556Coordinates: 33°31′7″N 35°41′8″E / 33.51861°N 35.68556°E / 33.51861; 35.68556
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Beqaa Governorate
District Western Beqaa District

Sohmor is a small town in the Beka'a Valley of Lebanon, situated in the Western Beqaa District and south of the Beqaa Governorate. It lies south of Lake Qaraoun on the Litani River.[1]It lies southwest of Machgara, northeast of Ain Et Tine, north of Yohmor, west of Mazret Al Chmis and northwest of Libbaya.It was the site of a massacre on September 19/20, 1984.[2]


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