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Persian manuscript painting:Rustam lamented for Suhrab

Sohrāb or Suhrāb (Persian: سهراب‎‎) is a character from the Shahnameh, or the Tales of Kings by Ferdowsi in the tragedy of Rostam and Sohrab. He was the son of Rostam, who was an Iranian warrior, and Tahmineh, the daughter of the king of Samangam, a neighboring country. He was slain at a young age by his father Rostam. Rostam only found out he was his son after fatally wounding him in a duel. Kaykavous, the king of Iran, delayed giving Rostam the healing potion (Noush Daru) to save Sohrab as he feared losing his power to the alliance of the father and the son. Rostam gave Tahmine a bracelet as a reminder and a sign to his son and left Tahmine after the marriage.

His name means literally Red from water in a sense of "beautiful and illustrious/shining face".

One of the most spread male name in Georgia (third most) is "Zurab", Georgian variant of "Sohrab".

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