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Kim Sohyang
Sohyang in 2018
Sohyang in 2018
Background information
Birth nameKim So-hyang
Also known asSohyang
Born (1978-04-05) April 5, 1978 (age 42)
Gwangju, South Jeolla Province, South Korea
GenresCCM, gospel, R&B
Occupation(s)Singer, author
InstrumentsVocals (lyric soprano), guitar
Years active1996–present
Associated actsPOS, Michael Bolton, JinJoo Lee, David Foster, Brian McKnight, Kirk Franklin

Kim So-hyang (Korean: 김소향, born April 5, 1978), credited as Sohyang, is a South Korean singer known for her controlled, skillful, and developed voice who has been dubbed by the international media as the "Korean Mariah Carey".[1] According to Sohyang, her goal is to use her voice to comfort people who are going through difficult times.[2] Sohyang is also an author of fiction, who has published multiple fantasy novels since 2013,[1] the most well-known of them being Crystal Castle and Anaxion.[1]

Life and career[edit]


Sohyang made her debut in 1996 with the song "Mr."(선생님). She was practicing in a recording studio and composer Jo Hwan-gon heard her singing and asked her to record a song with him. After being tested by him, Sohyang released her first single and then went on a tour with Jo Hwan-gon and participated in many concerts and musical performances.[3] She joined her husband's family band "POS" and released several CCM albums. Sohyang became one of the most popular and influencing CCM singers of Korea. She held concerts in around 50 countries until now.[4] In 2014, she became the first South Korean artist to sing the American national anthem at an NBA game.[5] She achieved further fame when she sang with Kirk Franklin.[6]

Since 2012, Sohyang has participated multiple times on various television music competition programs Immortal Songs 2, King of Mask Singer, and I Am a Singer 2, winning twice on Immortal Songs 2 with songs "Lean on Me" and "Bridge over Troubled Water", and setting up a new record on King of Mask Singer.

After winning the Michael Bolton special episode on Immortal Songs 2 with a score of 442 points (fifth-highest ever), Michael Bolton—who described Sohyang as a "virtuoso"[7][8]—asked Sohyang to tour South Korea with him, and they performed many concerts together throughout the country.[9] Furthermore, her performance of "Lean on Me" won an award at the 2015 Banff World Media Festival.[10]

In 2016 Sohyang was awarded the Grand Prize of the Seoul Success Award in the Culture category.[11][12] In Disney's movie Moana, Sohyang provided the singing voice of the protagonist in the Korean-dubbed version.[13][14] Sohyang also gives lectures about singing and vocal technique at Baekseok University in Cheonan City.[15]

In the first half of 2017, Sohyang appeared on MBC's King of Mask Singer as "Spirited Lady" for the show's 2nd anniversary and became the winner six consecutive times (Generation 53-58), making her the female singer with the highest number of consecutive wins ever achieved to that time (second highest overall) before losing her crown in July 2017 and departing from the show after appearing for 14 consecutive weeks.[16] Sohyang sang the main OST, "Wind Song" (바람의 노래), which is a remake of Cho Yong-pil's original song, for the Drama Confession Couple (고백부부). This OST was at No. 1 on the charts on Melon (online music service) for several weeks and additionally won the 1st place on Music Bank on November 24 in 2017.[17] She was given a special stage on which to perform the main OST "Wind Song" at the KBS Drama Awards on the last day of 2017.[18] Sohyang performed at the MBC Entertainment Awards 2017 and was awarded the Special Prize in the Music Show category for her participation in King of Mask Singer.[19][20] She became the King of the show with the highest number of consecutive wins ever achieved as a female contestant.

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, ice dancer Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin performed to Sohyang's rendition of "Arirang Alone".[21] Furthermore, during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang Sohyang performed, together with Sumi Jo, the song "Here as One", which they both recorded specifically for this occasion.[22]

Personal life[edit]

Sohyang is a devout Christian. She first began singing in her local community, with no aspirations of pursuing a career as a professional singer.[1] Sohyang's parents divorced when she was in her third year of high school. Due to this, Sohyang experienced great financial difficulties, and, according to her, was often very sad as a result. She has said that she used to listen to artists Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion often, whose music helped her to get through these difficult times.[23] In 2017 she was quoted as having said that her favorite album is still Mariah Carey's Music Box.[24][25] In 1998, at the age of twenty, Sohyang married Kim Hee-jun, the drummer of her band POS. Soon afterwards she was diagnosed with uterine cancer; due to the early detection, she was able to survive the cancer, but was rendered infertile.[2][26] Her sister-in-law is the guitarist JinJoo Lee from DNCE.[27][28]


Sohyang's vocal type is a Full Lyric Soprano.[29] Her showcased vocal range spans from D3 to A6 (consistent supported range from G3 to E6),[citation needed] a total of three octaves, three notes and a semitone. According to Sohyang, the highest note she can sing is an E7.[30] This means that she has an overall range of approximately four octaves and one semitone. However, this range hasn't been showcased to its fullest extent yet, as the highest note she has publicly showcased is A6. Her belting range/mixed voice extends up to a Soprano C (C6). She is known for her emotive and powerful vocals and meticulous control. Her vocals have been praised by various vocal coaches and singers like Seth Riggs and Michael Bolton.[31][better source needed]


POS albums[edit]

Album title Album details
소향 (POS)
  • Released: 1999
  • Label: 정규 Studio
  • Format: CD

Track listing

1."Under The Wing (ko. 주 날개 아래)"POS (포스)4:17
2."Whisper (ko. 속삭임)"POS (포스)4:20
3."I Swear"POS (포스)4:34
4."I Love Him (ko. 그를 사랑해)"POS (포스)3:56
5."The Lord Protects You (ko. 주가 널 지키시는 건)"POS (포스)4:28
6."Understanding (ko. 이해)"POS (포스)4:19
7."Into Lord's Desert (ko. 주의 광야로)"POS (포스)4:06
8."Truly (ko. 진짜야)"POS (포스)3:32
9."Light (ko. 빛)"POS (포스)4:40
10."Towards The Gates of Heaven (ko. 천성을 향해 가는 성도들아)"POS (포스)6:00
Total length:42:52

Album title Album details
Letter to the Sky
  • Released: 2001
  • Label: 정규 Studio
  • Format: CD

Track listing

1."Shelter (ko. 피난처)"POS (포스)4:49
2."Letter to the Sky"POS (포스)4:57
3."Calling"POS (포스)4:11
4."Upon This Rock (ko. 반석위에)"POS (포스)5:04
5."Jesus Loves Me (ko. 예수 사랑하심은)"POS (포스)5:14
6."Hold On"POS (포스)4:14
7."Tears (ko. 눈물)"POS (포스)5:02
8."Confession (ko. 고백)"POS (포스)4:11
9."Deliver (ko. 전하리)"POS (포스)4:33
10."Oath (ko. 맹세)"POS (포스)4:13
11."A Gift of Love (ko. 사랑의 선물)"POS (포스)3:43
12."Waiting (ko. 기다림)"POS (포스)4:04
13."Yearning (ko. 그리움)"POS (포스)4:10
14."O Holy Night"Adolphe Adam4:42
15."Shelter MR (ko. 피난처 (MR))"POS (포스)4:46
Total length:65:53

Album title Album details
  • Released: 2004
  • Label: June Music
  • Format: CD

Track listing

1."Butterfly (ko. 나비)"POS (포스)4:53
2."Wings (ko. 날개)"POS (포스)3:48
3."A Passionate Desire (ko. 열방의 소망)"POS (포스)4:27
4."Until The Lord Returns (ko. 주님 다시 오실 때까지)"POS (포스)4:18
5."You in Heaven (ko. 천국에서 그댈)"POS (포스)3:52
6."Light"POS (포스)4:07
7."Rose (ko. 장미)"POS (포스)4:46
8."I Love You (ko. 널 사랑하는 걸)"POS (포스)3:52
9."Heaven"POS (포스)3:34
10."I’m Always With You"POS (포스)3:25
11."You (ko. 난 널)"POS (포스)4:27
12."Butterfly (Inst.) (ko. 나비 (Inst.))"POS (포스)4:53
13."A Passionate Desire (Inst.) (ko. 열방의 소망 (Inst.))"POS (포스)4:24
Total length:51:66

Album title Album details
  • Released: 2007
  • Label: CCM Sky
  • Format: CD

Track listing

1."Rainbow (ko. 무지개)"POS (포스)3:18
2."Dream (ko. 꿈)"POS (포스)3:56
3."Look at the Sky (ko. 하늘을 봐요)"POS (포스)3:55
4."Hallelujah (ko. 할렐루야)"POS (포스)4:09
5."I Love You (ko. 사랑할께요)"POS (포스)5:11
6."Waiting (ko. 기다리고)"POS (포스)3:29
7."Love and Pain (ko. 사랑하고 아파하고)"POS (포스)4:22
8."YOU"POS (포스)3:56
9."Where You Are (ko. 그대있는 곳에)"POS (포스)3:24
10."You Raise Me Up"Secret Garden3:59
11."Hosea (ko. 호세아)"POS (포스)3:35
12."Dream (Inst.) (ko. 꿈 (Inst.))"POS (포스)3:56
13."Hallelujah (Inst.) (ko. 할렐루야 (Inst.))"POS (포스)4:05
Total length:48:45

Album title Album details
  • Released: 2009
  • Label: Judy's Fashion
  • Format: CD

Track listing

1."My Lord (Psalms 139) (ko. 내 하나님 (시편 139편))"POS (포스)4:25
2."Eternal Friend (ko. 영원한 친구)"POS (포스)4:09
3."Thorn Tree (ko. 가시나무)"POS (포스)4:31
4."Stay With Me"POS (포스)3:06
5."Are You Too Far? (ko. 너무 멀리 왔나요)"POS (포스)4:43
6."Story (ko. 이야기)"POS (포스)4:06
7."To Where You Are (ko. 그대 있는 곳 까지)"POS (포스)3:58
8."Good Enough"POS (포스)3:25
9."Grown Up"POS (포스)3:38
10."I Miss (ko. 그리워)"POS (포스)4:14
11."Emmanuel"POS (포스)4:26
12."Story"POS (포스)4:06
13."Miss You Now"POS (포스)4:14
14."Dream"POS (포스)3:56
Total length:54:57


Variety shows[edit]

Year Title Network Notes
2012 I Am a Singer 2 MBC Contestant, 3rd place
2014–2016, 2018 Immortal Songs 2 KBS2 Contestant, 6 Episodes, 2 Final wins
2017 King of Mask Singer MBC Spirited Lady, Episodes 105–118, 6 wins
2018 You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook KBS2 Guest, Episode 406

Sohyang: I Am a Singer 2 song and rank list[edit]

Month Round Song Original Artist Result
July Group B "I Have Nothing" Whitney Houston Rank 1
Singer of July "In the Flower Garden" (꽃밭에서) Jung Hoon Hee Rank 3
August Group A "Running to the Sky" (하늘을 달리다) Lee Juck Rank 1
Singer of August "Never Ending Story" Boohwal Rank 1 / Singer of August
September Singer of September "Beauty and the Beast", duet with Park Wan-kyu Celine Dion Special Stage
Super December Opening "Dream" (꿈) Sohyang - POS Rank 2
Week 1 "Where Are You" (그대는 어디에) Yim Jae-beom Rank 2
Week 2 "As I Live" (살다가) SG Wannabe Rank 2
Week 3 "I Always Miss You" (나 항상 그대를) Lee Sun-hee Rank 3
Week 4 "For Thousands Days" (천일동안), duet with The One Lee Seung-hwan Rank 2
"Fate" (인연) Lee Sun-hee Rank 1
Semi-finals "O Holy Night" Adolphe Charles Adam Rank 2
"It's Only My World" (그것만이 내 세상) Deulgukhwa [ko] 3. Rank / Drop out

Sohyang achieved the highest average rank of every contestant on I Am a Singer 2 ever.[32] Furthermore, she never placed outside of the Top 3 during the whole time she was present in the show.

Records and statistics[edit]

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Average Rank
4 Times 5 Times 3 Times 1,9 (highest ever)

Sohyang: Immortal Songs 2 episodes list[edit]

(If the number of rounds won is written in bold, this means that she won the most rounds in that episode.)

Date Episode Title Episode No. Song Order Result
October 18, 2014 Michael Bolton Special Ep.169 "Lean on Me" 7/7 442 Votes, 1 Round won, Final Win
February 21, 2015 Traditional Folk Songs Special Ep.187 "Arirang Alone" (홀로 아리랑) 1/7 411 Votes, 1 Round won
May 9, 2015 English Pop Songs Special Ep.198 "Bridge over Troubled Water" 4/7 416 Votes, 4 Rounds won, Final Win
December 26, 2015 The Immortal Big Match Special Ep.231 "Everyone" (여러분) 4/7 Votes unknown, 0 Rounds won
July 23, 2016 Summer Story With Friends Special Ep.261 "Childish Adult" (어른 아이) ft. JK Kim Dong-wook 1/7 Votes unknown, 0 Rounds won
May 12, 2018 Shane Filan Special Ep.354 "You Raise Me Up" 3/6 414 Votes, 2 Rounds won

King of Mask Singer song list[edit]

Generation # Episode # Round # Song Opponent Result (Score) Notes
53 105 1 "I Miss You" (보고 싶다; Kim Bum-soo) Minzy Win (58:41) Advanced to the second round
106 2 "Atlantis Princess" (아틀란티스 소녀; BoA) Lee Sang-woo Win (60:39) Advanced to the third round
3 "Dear Love" (사랑아; The One) Bae In-hyuk (Romantic Punch) Win (74:25) Advanced to the final round
Final Voting based on the first three songs Lee Hae-ri of Davichi Win (58:41) Mask Queen 1st time
54 108 "Do You Know" (아시나요; Jo Sung-mo) Park Seon-joo [ko] Win (66:33) Mask Queen 2nd time
55 110 "Hug Me" (안아줘; Jung Joon-il [ko]) Lee Se-jun (Yurisangja) Win (77:22) Mask Queen 3rd time
56 112 "Mona Lisa" (모나리자; Cho Yong-pil) Hwang Chi-yeul Win (67:32) Mask Queen 4th time
57 114 "Breathe" (한숨; Lee Hi) Park Hye-na [ko] Win (76:23) Mask Queen 5th time
58 116 "Home" (Park Hyo-shin) John Park Win (74:25) Mask Queen 6th time
59 118 "Day Day" (Bewhy) Johan Kim Lose (43:56) Drop out

Records and statistics[edit]

Most Wins (Females) Most Wins Average Score
2nd rank 3rd rank 66 of 99 Votes
former 1st rank former 2nd rank

Sohyang was the first female singer to ever achieve 6 consecutive victories at that time and therefore set a new record, which was later broken by Son Seung-yeon ("The East Invincibility"). Sohyang received an average of 65.96 votes out of 99 every round, which was ranked in Top 10 of highest average scores of all Mask Kings and Top 3 highest average score of all female Mask Kings for a period of time.


Year Awards Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2016 8th Seoul Success Awards Culture Grand Prize N/A Won [11][12]
2017 MBC Entertainment Awards Special Award in Music Show King of Mask Singer Won [33][34]
2019 Ten Korean Winners Singer Herself Won [35]

KBS's Music Bank[edit]

Year Date Song Album Ref.
2017 November 24 Wind Song (바람의 노래) Confession Couple (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. 2 - Single


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