Sojeong-ri Station

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Sojeong-ri Station
Sojeong-ri Station.JPG
Korean name
Hangul 소정리역
Hanja 小井里驛
Revised Romanization Sojeongni-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Sojŏngni-yŏk
General information
Platforms 0
Tracks 0
Passengers (Daily) Based on January–June 2011.
KR: 16[1]

Sojeong-ri Station is a railway station in Sojeong-myeon, Sejong City, South Korea.


This station is on the Gyeongbu Line, with 2 platforms for 4 tracks. Because of the fire in March 30, 2004,[2] the station building was reconstructed.

Only 2 Mugunghwa-ho trains stop at Sojeong-ri station.


Coordinates: 36°43′7.12″N 127°9′20.28″E / 36.7186444°N 127.1556333°E / 36.7186444; 127.1556333