Sokolov Basin

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The Sokolov Basin within the geomorphological division of the Czech Republic

The Sokolov Basin or Falkenau Basin (German: Falkenauer Becken, formerly also Falkenau-Elbogen-Karlsbader Becken; Czech: Sokolovská pánev) is a drainage basin and geomorphological unit in the Czech Republic. It is located in northwestern Bohemia and covers an area of 312 km². The basin has an average width of eight kilometres and runs along the southern foot of the Ore Mountains.


To the north rise the Ore Mountains, to the northeast the Sokolov Basin joins the Eger Graben. To the east it is bounded by the Doupov Mountains and to the south by the Slavkovský les. In the west it joins the Eger Basin at the Kulmer Schwelle. Its highest elevation at 573 metres is the Dvorský vrch (Casperberg) near Děpoltovice in the Chodau Basin, followed by the Drsný vrch (Mariahilfberg) on the Kulmer Schwelle at 570 metres. The main river is the Eger, that flows through the basin from southwest to northeast. From the Ore Mountains come the rivers of the Zwodau, Rolava and Bystřice and the Teplá flows into the basin from the Kaiserwald

Coordinates: 50°13′00″N 12°45′30″E / 50.2167°N 12.7583°E / 50.2167; 12.7583