Sokolsky horse

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Other names Sokolka
Country of origin Poland

The Sokolsky, or Sokolka, is a horse breed that originated in Poland. It is used for heavy draft and farm work, and is a tough breed with great stamina.


The Sokolsky was developed in the 1900s, and has been heavily influenced by Belgian, Ardennes, Norfolk, Dole Gudbrandsdal and Anglo-Norman stock. The result of this breeding is a heavy draft horse that is not excessively large, with stamina, toughness,and good gaits.[citation needed]

Breed Characteristics[edit]

The Sokolsky breed usually stands between 15 and 16 hands high, and is chestnut or bay. They have a slightly heavy head with a straight profile, set on a long, broad, and muscular neck. Their shoulders are well-formed and sloping, resulting in their good gaits. They tend to have deep chests, pronounced withers, a short, straight back, and a muscular, sloping croup. Their legs are strong and well-formed.[citation needed]

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