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Sol (Chinese: 思皓; Sihao[1]) is a car brand launched on April 24, 2018 by SEAT and JAC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. joint venture.[2]

The name Sol itself derives from the word sol which in Spanish stands for sun and pays a tribute from one part to the Spanish roots of the brand and on the other part to renewable energy powered vehicles planned to make up its range. [3]

The Sol name comes as a compromise among all parts in a stance where the original plan included the direct use of the SEAT brand name[4] with the Chinese local authorities negating in a change of mind and calling for a whole new local brand to be launched.[5][6]

Recent lift of caps on foreign car makers controlling their electric vehicle joint ventures in China, however has pushed Volkswagen Group examining a buyout of their Chinese partner JAC Motors and subsequently their formed joint venture.[7]


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