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Not to be confused with Sol Invictus (band).
Sol Invicto
Origin London, UK
Genres Drum and Bass, Electronica, heavy metal, hip hop, Industrial
Years active 2008-present
Labels Independent No Label
Associated acts Deftones, Sikth, Cypress Hill, Richie Londres Stephen Carpenter Death Grips Thy Art is Murder
Website Sol Invicto on Facebook
Members Sol Invicto

Sol Invicto is the underground cinematic electronic metal group formed by UK producer Richie (Aka Richie Londres) & Stephen Carpenter of Deftones. The group are totally independent and send all music directly to fans via their private mailing list. With Richie & Stephen being the core members of the group they also bring in other artists to work with them such as Dan Foord (Drummer of Sikth) Zach Hill (Hella & Death Grips) & Eric Bobo Cypress Hill


Sol Invicto is mainly an instrumental project which mixes Richies atmospheric soundscapes with Carpenters signature melodic heavy riffs, so far it seems that Carpenter is able to explore his heavier influences compared to his work in Deftones, showcasing his well known Meshuggah influences to his playing.

As of 2014 Richie brought in UK drum & bass producer Mark Caro (Tech Itch) to co-produce Initium III with him. Richie informed fans (via mailing list) that Sol Invicto will have two sounds in 2015, one more electronic driven for DJ sets & one more metal driven for live shows.


Early years: Unidose, Carrion & Tech N9ne (2006–2009)[edit]

The project came together after Carpenter recorded guitars for Londres in 2006, the group released the tracks Unidose & Carrion in 2007 as well as bootleg remixes of Saul Williams & Tech N9ne tracks in 2008/09. The tracks were well received so it was decided to make the project official, Sol Invicto was formed and they began working on material.

Deftones Remixes & Initium I EP (2010-2011)[edit]

Sol Invicto began working on their first EP (Initium) in 2010 which was released on 6 August 2011 for free, direct to fans. The EP reached 5000 downloads in the first 10 days and went on to hit 15000 downloads in the first month, without any press/radio or videos. The EP featured Hella/Team Sleep drummer Zach Hill Londres called Initium "a low-fi and experimental EP" and mentioned that the follow up EPs would be "(sic) more metal"

Sol Invicto were commissioned to remix 2 tracks from the up and coming Deftones 2010 album, Diamond Eyes, the title track Diamond Eyes & You've Seen The Butcher, with 100% of the proceeds going towards bassist Chi Cheng and his treatment. In 2011 they released two remixes for the Asking Alexandria remix album Stepped up and Scratched.

Initium II EP (2013)[edit]

Initium II was released over September to October 2013 to the fans directly via soundcloud, it features drums by Dan Foord and a special track feature 50 audio samples submitted by fans. The Ep will be turned into a physical release before christmas alongside Initium I and the up and coming 3rd ep according to press. It features far more guitar work from Stephen compared to the first EP and retains the low fi approach of the first.


Initium III EP & Technical Itch (2014)[edit]

Initium III is being produced by Richie and British drum and bass / techstep producer Mark Caro a.k.a. Technical Itch, they have so far released 2 tracks off the EP, Diaz Brothers & French Toast, three more tracks are due before the entire Initium series is put out as a limited edition physical release.

Project members[edit]

Guest Members
  • Eric Bobo (Percussion Initium I)
  • AJ Cookson (Production Initium I)
  • Zach Hill (Drums Initium I)
  • Dan Foord (Drums Initium II/III)


  • Unidose Single (2008)
  • Carrion Single (2008)
  • Diamond Eyes (Official Remix) 2010 Warner
  • You've Seen The Butcher (Official Remix) 2010 Warner
  • "Morte Et Dabo" (Official Remix) 2011 Sumerian Records
  • "A Lesson Never Learned" (Official Remix) 2011 Sumerian Records
  • "Initium" (EP 2011)
  • "Initium II" (EP 2013)


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