Sol de Mañana

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Géiseres Sol de Mañana Potosí Bolivia.jpg

Sol de Mañana, meaning Morning Sun in Spanish, is a geothermal field in Sur Lípez Province in the Potosi Department of south-western Bolivia. It extends over 10 km², between 4800m and 5000m height. Coordinates: 22°26′06″S 67°45′28″W / 22.435014°S 67.75791°W / -22.435014; -67.75791

This area is characterized by intense volcanic activity and the sulphur springs field, not geysers as sometimes it can be read, is full of mud lakes and steam pools with boiling mud. Industrial logging has been attempted in the end of the 80s, but is uneconomic. There are still several holes, the best known emits pressurized steam, visible in the morning up to 50 meters high. This is not a geyser, but a well in the artificial geothermal field. The major mud lakes are located at 4850 m.



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