Solal of the Solals

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Solal of the Solals
Author Albert Cohen
Translator Wilfrid Benson
Country France
Language French
Publisher Éditions Gallimard
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 350

Solal of the Solals (French: Solal) is a 1930 novel by the Swiss writer Albert Cohen. It was published in English in 1933. It was Cohen's first novel, and the first part in a loosely connected series of four; it was followed by Nailcruncher, Belle du Seigneur and Les Valeureux.


The book was reviewed in Time in 1933: "Publishers, like other advertisers, cry 'Wolf! Wolf!' to a semi-attentive public. ... Consequently, in those blue moons when they have something to shout about, a sharp-toothed masterpiece may slip undetected into the gentle reader's fold, cause much silent havoc before the alarm is given. Though Publisher Dutton has sounded no extra-special warning, Solal is such a masterpiece-in-sheep's-clothing. Wolf would be a misnomer: nothing so leonine has come down the pike in many a blue moon."[1]

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