Solanum bahamense

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Bahama nightshade
Solanum bahamense.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Asterids
Order: Solanales
Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Solanum
Species: S. bahamense
Binomial name
Solanum bahamense
  • Solanum anacanthum Dunal
  • Solanum cestrifolium Willd. ex Dunal (nomen nudum?)
  • Solanum cestrophyllum Dunal
  • Solanum fruticosum Mill.
  • Solanum igneum L.
  • Solanum igneum var. inerme Dunal
  • Solanum igneum var. parvifolium Vahl
  • Solanum lanceifolium Salisb. (non Jacq.: preoccupied)
  • Solanum molle Bertero ex Dunal (non Dunal: preoccupied)
  • Solanum persicifolium Dunal
  • Solanum persicifolium var. angustifolium Dunal
  • Solanum persicifolium var. belloi O.E.Schulz
  • Solanum persicifolium var. parvifolium (Vahl) O.E.Schulz
  • Solanum racemosum Jacq.
  • Solanum racemosum var. igneum (L.) O.E.Schulz
  • Solanum ramosum Lam.
  • Solanum subarmatum Willd.
  • Solanum torvum var.? persicifolium (Dunal) M.Gómez
  • Solanum umbrosum Balb. ex Dunal (non Dunal: preoccupied)
  • Solanum umbrosum Bertero ex Dunal (non Dunal: preoccupied)
  • Solanum varginstonicum Buc'hoz

Solanum bahamense, commonly known as the Bahama nightshade,[1] is a plant in the nightshade family. It is native across the West Indies, from the Florida Keys east to Dominica (excluding Hispanola).[2] It is a common species in coastal habitats, often on calcareous soils.[2]


Originally described by Carl Linnaeus, it has a convoluted taxonomic history. S. bahamense is known by many junior synonyms and involved in several cases of homonymy.[3]

Some additional varieties of S. bahamense have been described, but they are not considered taxonomically distinct today:[3]

  • Solanum bahamense var. inerme Dunal
  • Solanum bahamense var. lanceolatum Griseb. (Not to be confused with S. lanceolatum.)
  • Solanum bahamense var. luxurians D'Arcy
  • Solanum bahamense var. rugelii D'Arcy
  • Solanum bahamense var. subarmatum (Willd.) O.E.Schulz


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