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Solapur district
Location of Solapur district in Maharashtra
Location of Solapur district in Maharashtra
Administrative divisionPune Division[1]‌‌‌
Tehsils1. Akkalkot, 2. Barshi, 3. Karmala, 4. Madha, 5. Malshiras, 6. Mangalwedha, 7. Mohol, 8. Pandharpur, 9. Sangola, 10. Solapur North and 11. Solapur South
 • Lok Sabha constituencies1. Solapur (SC), 2. Madha (shared with Satara district), 3. Osmanabad (shared with Osmanabad district) (Based on Election Commission website)
 • Assembly seats10
 • Total14,845 km2 (5,732 sq mi)
 • Total4,315,527
 • Density290/km2 (750/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Literacy71.2%
 • Sex ratio935
Major highwaysNational Highways 65,52,204,361,465,150E
Coordinates17°50′N 75°30′E / 17.833°N 75.500°E / 17.833; 75.500Coordinates: 17°50′N 75°30′E / 17.833°N 75.500°E / 17.833; 75.500
Average annual precipitation545.4 mm
WebsiteOfficial website

Solapur District is a district in Maharashtra state of India. The city of Solapur is the district headquarters. It is located on the south east edge of the state and lies entirely in the Bhima and Seena basins.[2] The entire district is drained by the Bhima River.[3]

Solapur district leads Maharashtra in production of Indian cigarettes known as beedi.[4]


According to the 2011 census Solapur District has a population of 4,315,527, the 43rd largest for a district in India.[citation needed]

The district has a population density of 290 inhabitants per square kilometre (750/sq mi). Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 12.1%. Solapur has a sex ratio of 932 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 77.72%.[citation needed]

Marathi is an official language.[5]

Tehsils of Solapur District


Solapur district is subdivided for administrative purposes into eleven talukas, which in turn comprise smaller divisions. The talukas are North Solapur, South Solapur, Akkalkot, Barshi, Mangalwedha, Pandharpur, Sangola, Malshiras, Mohol, Madha and Karmala.[6]

Places of interest[edit]

  Buikot killa It is a fort located    near siddeshwar temple,solapur.

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