Solar Electricity Handbook

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Solar Electricity Handbook
Solar Electricity Handbook (2012 edition).jpg
2012 edition cover
Author Michael Boxwell
Language English
Publisher Greenstream Publishing (current)
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback) and Kindle
Pages 187
ISBN 978-1-907670-04-6

The Solar Electricity Handbook is a yearbook[1] written by eco-technology author Michael Boxwell.[2] It is a beginners technical manual for people looking to learn about solar energy and how to generate electricity from photovoltaic panels.[1]

The book starts with explaining how solar energy works and then guides the reader through evaluating a solar project, how to design a photovoltaic system and how to install and maintain it. The book uses the principal example of a small off-grid home, but incorporates a number of other examples throughout the book.[1]

The book is not aimed at people who are already working in the photovoltaic industry.[3]

Updated every year, the book's seventh revision was published in 2013.[4]


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