Solar System (song)

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"Solar System"
Single by The Beach Boys
from the album Love You
A-side "Honkin' Down the Highway"
Released May 30, 1977
Format Vinyl
Recorded Unknown
Genre Rock
Length 2:47
Label Brother
Producer(s) Brian Wilson
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"Honkin' Down the Highway"
"Peggy Sue"

"Solar System" is a song written by Brian Wilson for the American rock band The Beach Boys. It was released on their 1977 album Love You with a lead vocal by Brian Wilson.[1][2]

Writing and recording[edit]

During the afternoon of October 26, 1976, Trish Campo, former chief administrator of Brother Studios recalled Brian at the studio sitting at a hammond B3 organ, absently gazing at the giant circular stained glass window over him depicting planets and stars. Later that afternoon, Campo heard "Solar System" coming out of the studio.[3] Brian explained that the lyrics were written while driving to a parents' meeting at his daughters' school. When he got home, he finished the song on his piano, exclaiming, "This is a gr-eat song! These lyrics are great. This melody is great. (whistles) I've got a beauty here!" He then named it one of his favorites on Love You, adding, "When I'm 90, I'm gonna be as proud of that song as I am now."[4]

The song uses a triple meter, a trait reminiscent of the 1968 Friends album and contains flashes of choral brilliance.[according to whom?][2] The subject and lyrics are amateurish and the song is quirky and baffling, but it is ultimately endearing.[according to whom?][1][5]

Music critic Robert Christgau loved the Love You album and gave it an A overall; and he found Solar System to be "impossible to shake", and characterized by a "silliness that registered as charming". [6]

Cover versions[edit]

  • Alex Chilton covered "Solar System" in concert during the mid-eighties.


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