Solar cycle 5

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Solar cycle 5
Sunspot data
Start dateApril 1798
End dateAugust 1810
Duration (years)12.3
Max count82.0
Max count monthFebruary 1805
Min count5.3
Cycle chronology
Previous cycleSolar cycle 4 (1784–1798)
Next cycleSolar cycle 6 (1810–1823)
The Dalton minimum in the 400-year history of sunspot numbers, showing the low peaks for solar cycles 5 and 6.

Solar cycle 5 was the fifth solar cycle since 1755, when extensive recording of solar sunspot activity began.[1][2] The solar cycle lasted 12.3 years, beginning in April 1798 and ending in August 1810 (thus falling within the Dalton Minimum). The maximum smoothed sunspot number observed during the solar cycle was 82.0, in February 1805 (the second-lowest of any cycle to date, behind solar cycle 6, as a result of being part of the Dalton Minimum), and the starting minimum was 5.3.[3]

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