Solar eclipses on the Moon

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Solar eclipses on Moon
Painting by Lucien Rudaux, showing what a lunar eclipse might look like when viewed from the surface of the moon.[1] 
A simulation of the start and end of the August 28, 2007 lunar eclipse, seen from the center of the moon.[2] 

In astronomy, solar eclipses on the Moon are caused when its mother planet (Earth) passes in front of the Sun, blocking its light. Viewers on Earth will see a lunar eclipse.


  1. ^ The moon's surface appears red because the only sunlight available is refracted through the Earth's atmosphere on the edges of the earth, as shown in the sky in this painting.
  2. ^ The Earth will be in new phase, completely dark, except for moonshine and sunlight refracted through the earth's atmosphere, visible as a ring of light.

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