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The total installed solar power in Brazil was estimated to be about 69 MWp at the end of 2015, generating less than 0.01% of the country's electricity demand. Changes to net metering rules for small-scale solar were announced in November 2015 although there were only 1,300 grid-connected systems at that time. Brazil expects to have 1.2 million systems in the year 2024.[1]

Solar energy has great potential in Brazil, with the country having one of the highest levels of insolation in the world at 4.25 to 6.5 sun hours/day.[2]

Installed capacity[edit]

Year Photovoltaics
2011 5
2012 17
2015 69
2016 100



In 2016, a factory capable of producing 400 MW of solar panels a year opened in Sorocaba in Sao Paulo, owned by Canadian Solar. A plan to build a solar panel factory in Rio Grande do Norte was announced by the Chinese manufacturer Chint in 2017.

The opening of three major solar farms in Brazil in 2017 altered the solar situation: the 292 MW Nova Olinda Solar Farm in Ribeira do Piauí, Piauí[4], the 254 MW Ituverava Solar Farm in Tabocas do Brejo Velho, Bahia[5] and the 158 MW Parque Solar Lapa in Bom Jesus da Lapa, Bahia[6] ranked among the largest installations in the world. The total capacity of these three plants was more than ten times the installed total in the entire country in 2015. A total of 1000 MW is expected to be installed in 2017 with an additional 2000 MW assigned by auctions to be completed in future years.[7][8]

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