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Solar panels

Solar power in Mississippi is an underutilized generation method; however, large changes are expected by 2016. The state reached only 1MW of grid-connected solar electricity in 2013. One study found that PV on rooftops can provide 22% of all electricity used in Mississippi.[1]

In 2011, the Sierra Club sued the U.S. Department of Energy which was providing investment in a coal gasification plant being built by Mississippi Power.[2] In 2012 Mississippi Power had on 0.05% renewables in its power mix. In a settlement in 2014, Mississippi Power agreed to all net metering, and to offer 100MW of wind or solar power purchase agreements.[3] Mississippi is one of only two states, along with Florida, to have no potential for standard commercial wind power, having no locations that would provide at least 30% capacity factor, although 30,000 MW of 100 meter high turbines would operate at 25% capacity factor.[4]

Georgia Power which provides energy in southeast Mississippi has started a program to contract for 210MW of solar power in 2014, possibly increasing to 525MW. 100MW would be from small scale distributed installations.[5]

Offering net metering is required by federal law, but Mississippi is one of only four states to not have adopted a statewide policy on net metering, which means it needs to be negotiated with the utility.[6][7]


Source: NREL[8]
Mississippi Grid-Connected PV Capacity (MW)[9][10][11][12][13][14]
Year Capacity Change % Change
2009 0.1
2010 0.3 0.1 200%
2011 0.6 0.3 100%
2012 0.7 0.1 17%
2013 1.0 0.3 43%

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